Ideas for Parenting Blogs

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Ideas for Parenting Blogs

The picture above is from the Oh So Amelia blog that we read and it has lots of useful ideas and tips.  Working from home makes it difficult for people to maintain a blog when it is not how you make your living.  All you really want to do is write about your thoughts and put them out into the world to see if people agree or not.  I have often had long periods when I don't blog due to work or the life we parents all have where by we put our kids first. My experience with blogs is a bit patchy as I have struggled for ideas on what to blog about.  I mean, it is easy enough to blog on December 1st about the Christmas Tree going up but I had no idea what to do 2nd December.  I ended up having a go at a cooking vlog.  It sucked :) I need help.  I thought that others have been blogging for ages and must have had many topics to discuss so I googled for ideas!


A great list from the Oh so Amelia blog is what I have pasted here to give people a chance to think about great ideas for blog posts. Check the link for Oh so Amelia's Blog post which gives 70 ideas which I have pasted below so there is plenty to go from.


1. What's in my changing bag
2. 5 of the best _______ (insert baby product here)
3. Top bath time products under X
4. Nursery/kids room tour
5. Top pushchairs under X
6. Newborn must haves/essentials
7. Things to do in ________ (your local town/city) with kids
8. Tips for surviving a car journey with toddler/kids
9. A product review or comparison of two products
10. Travelling tips with baby/toddler
11. 5 must have newborn products
12. 10 reasons to ________ (insert parenting subject here)
13. Weekly/monthly baby update
14. A baby/toddler/kids gift guide
15. 10 reasons to try _______ (insert baby/parenting topic here)
16. Summer/spring/winter/autumn clothing wish list
17. Thoughts/tips on Breastfeeding
18. Thoughts on Co-sleeping
19. Tips for transition from cot to toddler bed
20. Potty training tips
21. Survival guide for mum of two under two
22. A day in the life
23. Share your favourite parent/mummy bloggers/instagrammers
24. Life lately post with collage of what you've been up to recently
35. Bucket list
36. Toddler meal ideas
37. Weaning journey/ideas
38. Tips for fussy eaters
39. Favourite/top parenting apps
40. Top 10 child-friendly places to eat (in your area)
41. 'Monthly favourites' round up
42. Packing post for holiday
43. Bedtime routine
44. Back to school tips
45. Share a tutorial
46. Hospital bag checklist / back to school checklist
47. Activities for toddlers
48. Birth story 
49. Tips for a first time mum 
50. 5 awesome _______ (pushchairs, baby carriers, travel cots, bedtime products)
51. Baby/toddler haul 
52. Topic on dummies 
53. Tips for dealing with toddler tantrums
54. X things to do whilst breastfeeding
55. Our favourite ________ (weaning products, breastfeeding products....)
56. Favourite books 
57. Easter/Christmas basket 
58. SAHM vs Working mum discussion 
59. Post on maternity leave 
60. How life has changed since becoming a mum/dad 
61. Favourite postpartum products 
62. X things they didn't tell you about _______ (breastfeeding, motherhood, weaning)
63. Teething tips 
64. 5 top car seats under X
65. Favourite apps for kids 
66. Preparing for a new sibling 
67. 5 affordable bedtime essentials 
68. Tips for single mums 
69. 10 must have items for car journeys with kids
70. Letter to your child

So there you go. 70 blog post ideas for parent bloggers which will hopefully inspire you or at least help you get you back into the swing of blogging again. 
What are your favourite types of blog and Vlogs? What inspires you and what annoys you when looking at parenting blogs.  
Our favourite youtube Vlog site is the sacconejolys which is a parenting/family Vlog about a lovely Irish couple living in the UK.  
Our twin 4 year old boys favourite is ToyLAB TV where a father and son have a make believe world where the father is making wonderful childlike action videos based on Marvel, Jurassic Park and all the stuff little kids love.  He is basically acting the fool to make his son happy.  He is a great father. Watching these vlogs takes us away from the day to day and who doesn't need that once in a while?
Our favourite youtubers:
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