Group 3 car seats under £100

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Group 3 car seats under £100

Child Car Seat Reviews Group 2/3

At hippofeet we love to give parents valuable information based on our own experiences and we are currently looking to replace our car seats for group 2/3. We have been looking around the shops and online to see which ones are best for us.  Our current seats are not isofix and we would prefer this for our new car seats.  Non-ISOFIX seats are fine and we have used them for some time but you need to remember to plug in the seat belts when the seats are not occupied otherwise in the event of an accident the seat can be thrown forward with devastating consequences. Isofix is as much about driver safety as child safety in my opinion. Our boys just turned 4 and now we need new seats so we looked at a few.


Having twins means that we need to consider the cost of everything we buy being doubled so we have set a budget of £100 ish per car seat so that we have some cash left over at the end of the day to fulfill our cookies and ice cream obligations :)


We give our opinion on a few seats, telling you, our readers which is our favourite and a rundown of the other seats we considered and the pros and cons of these. We will look at an over priced non-isofix car seat and give our reason why not to buy this.  Other parents might have different needs so I will give an honest review of the other seats we looked at. This is not a sponsored post.



Britax Kidfix SL Car Seat

(Comes in Red, Blue, Black)

Britax Kidfix SL Car Seat Review - Hippofeet

Updated on 15 March 2017.


This is the group 3 car seat we went for.  Fits so easily in the car - just push the silver thingy on the seat then pull out the side clips and hook them onto your isofix points.  Very much easier to manage the seatbelt than the wider bottom seats where they go over the seat belt dock.  Very happy now with over a week of use.


Currently retailing everywhere on the internet and in shops it is available for just £89.99.  It is beautifully designed and is narrow enough to fit two seats without and hassle at all.  With great side protection panels it is sleek and well designed, easy to fit and safe.  These are essentials for every parent, of course. Our twin boys love red so we have gone for this lovely deep red.  We have lots of confidence in Britax after buying their top and bottom buggy when the boys were born, never had any problems and we were able to get our boys around in comfort. Plenty of good reviews and a discount on the RRP is all we needed to know.  Of course, we did pop into Mothercare to have a look for ourselves and we not let down.

Info from Britax:

Suitable from 15-36kg (4-12 years) the Britax Römer Kidfix SL has deep, softly padded side wings for side impact protection and is easy to install thanks to its Soft-Latch ISOFIT system. With intuitively positioned seat belt guides for convenience and added security. Other features include a height adjustable headrest and upper belt guide. The V-shaped backrest grows with your child, and the adjustable seat fits the shape of your car seat. The ergonomically designed headrest ensures optimum comfort whatever position your child chooses to sleep in.


Maxi-Cosi Rodi AirProtect Car Seat 

(Comes in Red, Black, Grey/Black)

Maxi-Cosi Rodi AirProtect Car Seat Review - Hippofeet

This group 2-3 car seat was a consideration at £100 online with John Lewis (they give great customer service so we are mentioning them) but with the side panels not going up as far we felt it didn't look as certain that in an incident our boys would be as protected as with the britax. It is a trade off with the head support having air bubbles built in to cushion the head versus the Britax having longer sides. The reviews online are good though and to be fair it is more about the aesthetics for us as all the seats have passed all the necessary testing for car seats..

Info from Maxi Cosi

The Maxi-Cosi Rodi Air Protect is a Group 2 and 3 seat that's suitable for a child between 15-36kg (approximately 4-12 years), so it's great value.

The car seat features special air protection in the headrest, which will divert crash forces away from your child's head by releasing air embedded in the foam headrest device upon impact. In addition to the extra head protection, the design of the seat also provides optimal protection for the body and hips, while the headrest anchorage point offers extra stability to reduce the movement of the seat in the event of a collision.
The car seat is easy to fit with a 3-point car belt seat and features belt guides to ensure the seat belt is correctly and securely fitted to your child. The seat is simple to adjust and reclines to offer extra comfort. A comfortable and accommodating seat, the back rest grows with your child in both length and width to ensure they are seated and supported correctly as they grow.
All our car seats and infant carriers comply with current European regulations ECE R44.04.
Graco Assure Group 2 3 Car Seat in Midnight Grey
Graco Assure CAr Seat - Hippofeet Review

This one looks like the least attractive option and looked more like the £30 seats which are sold.  £85 and not worth it.  Not even having isofix makes this a no-no. I would not pay more than £50 for any seat without ISOFIX.  It is exactly the same as our current seats and you would be better off getting the £30 one from kiddicare.  You would be paying £55 for a couple of cup holders which jut out of the front.  I get the feeling that kiddicare sell this one as kind of comparison tool to sell more of their cheap and cheerful car seats.


Info from Graco

The Graco Assure Group 2/3 car seat combines side impact protection with a 5-position adjustable headrest to protect your child and minimise head, hip and back injuries in the event of an impact.

Suitable from approximately 4 years to 11 years, the Assure booster seat is the perfect long term investment. The padded seat provides ergonomic support for your child, while the memory foam headrest ensures total comfort. Easy-access, intuitive seat belt guides make fitting easy for mum and dad.

Perfect for longer journeys, this comfortable booster seat has convenient removable, machine washable covers and handy cup holders for snacks and drinks. Lightweight and portable, this car seat is easily switched between vehicles or removed for storage, with an intuitive seat belt guide for quick and easy fittings.

Cybex Solution M-Fix Highback Booster Seat – Autumn Gold

Slightly over budget at £128 this is a beauty as is plain to see, our boys looked so good in it however for us it was too bulky with needing two of them meaning it would leave no room between the boys.  Otherwise we would have plumped the extra cash and brought this one.


Info from Cybex

At a Glance

Suitable for children from 15-36kgs (approx. 3 - 12 years), this group 2/3 car seat is designed with a patented reclining headrest and side impact protection for your child's safety as they travel.

Features and benefits for Cybex Solution M-Fix Highback Booster Seat – Autumn Gold

  • Suitable from 15-36 kg (approx. 3 to 12 years)
  • Group 2/3
  • Energy-absorbing shell: The flexible material structure absorbs the force of an impact
  • Adjustable linear side-impact protection (L.S.P System Plus)
  • 12 position height adjustable headrest: Comfortable protection that grows with the child
  • Patented reclining headreast for optimal protection
  • Air-circulation system: Maintains a comfortable body temperature
  • Extra wide, deep seat cushions with extra soft padding for comfort
  • Washable covers for your convenience
  • ISOFIX Connect: For extra stability and safety
  • Can also be used in vehicles without ISOFIX
  • Car Seat Weight: 5.8kg
  • Free 3 year guarantee


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