Tips for car journeys with toddlers

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Tips for car journeys with toddlers

Traveling with toddlers

With a trip approaching, each parent thinks of the one same terrifying thought.  Will the children be OK on the journey.  How will we keep them quiet/happy/asleep/oblivious? We have made many trips around the UK and abroad and initially made some mistakes when travelling with our twin boys. 

Making The Right Choices to Keep Your Child Happy in The Car

Think about what you give the children to hold in the back of the car......even the simplest things can blow up (excuse the pun - you'll see)

We made the mistake of giving a balloon to each of our 4 year old boys from Mcdonalds and then when they were banging the balloon around the car as we were doing 70mph down the motorway we thought that we would simply just pop the balloon and they would be ok with it, after all it was a life or death situation.  We were wrong and had to withstand half an hour of non-stop ear drum bursting car seat tantrums.  I only really calmed them down with an Optimus Prime Transformer spotting (who would have expected OP in the M1!) and we all had to keep our eyes out for more transformers so the boys stopped crying. Thank goodness that the seatbelts kept them securely in place because they had tried so hard to get us go back to Mcdonald's for another balloon. In retrospect, I guess we burst the balloon so they burst our ear drums.  

The point I make is that it is hard to think of the consequences of what might happen unless you go with the mindset of thinking, what problem can I foresee with giving my child this object?  

Can it cause a safety issue in the car?  

Can it cause a row between Kids?  

Does it have a battery that will run out and lead to a temper tantrum?

Do I have the proper cables and batteries?

A great item to have is a dvd player to fit to the back of the headrest - long journeys can be challenging for kids and car seat movies make the journey easier for parents.

Toys to hold in the Back Seat of The Car Can Cause Stress for Parents and Children alike

Be aware that if your child drops a toy on the floor and you can't reach it, they might cry in increasing levels of unbearability until you pull the car over, get out, pass them they toy and then 100 yards later - yep....repeat over and over.  

We have had this several times and now we think that for us the best option is to not give a toy in the back on long journeys, books are good and they like singing along to the CD player so thank goodness for that. It has been really nice hearing my twins singing to James Arthur and Avicii.  The favourite song for one of our boys is Hey Brother by Avicii sang in the style of cute beyond belief.  

Food in The Back of The Car

If you like your car  then try to think of anything that is going to make a big mess (Mayo, Ketchup, Chocolate, Sugary Soft Drinks) all over the car and only give it if you have no other option - after all, Kids Need Sustenance.

We used to have an old renault megane car and we really didn't worry too much so there would be stains and whatnot but once we brought our Mercedes we started to really appreciate the car and take more pride.  We now give the boys drinks with push top bottles such as fruit shoot or water, food would be in a box such as fries and nuggets or any other non soggy food they will eat.  Cookies and crisps are OK. Trying to go super healthy on the road is very hard due to the lack of things available as most travel suitable food is junk food and as much as we all want to go organic etc we have to get our kids to eat something and a lentil nugget will never win over a chicken nugget.  Plus I don't think you can get a lentil nugget.....anywhere. For us the worst things to get on the leather upholstery are things with oily residue.  We avoid chocolate like the plague due to one of our boys loving to hold it for ages before eating. You can guess what that would mean to the car seats.

(For a look at car seats why not take a look at our car seat review post from yesterday?Link Here)

Bathroom Breaks

Factor in one of these every hour or so.  Our little one's tend to hold it in until the last second so we prefer to make sure we take them regularly to the loo.  

It also breaks up a journey.  We just need to avoid the cleverly placed child appealing goods as we run the gauntlet of chocolates, toys and magazines which scream BUY ME to toddlers.  

Change of Clothing

Children tend to throw up randomly when you least expect it.

Change of clothing is something that is a must.  LAst summer, half an hour into a 350 mile road trip one of our twins was throwing up apples everywhere.  Turns out his tummy was upset and the apples were acidic so we had to pull into a shell station to change his entire outfit.  

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