Cutie of the Week - Plain Black Shoe

November 13, 2017

Leather Worker in Ubrique

This week at hippofeet we are putting our super smart plain black leather baby shoes up for some attention.  People love the simple styling and lovely matte finish which makes the shoes ideal for going out to events such as weddings and smart family photos.

This isn't a themed shoe so the inspiration comes from sheer opulence and for this I would like to discuss our fashion shoe inspiration and maybe who knows, a future dream of ours.

The town of Ubrique in Spain is the supplier for some of the worlds top leather workers (The lady in the picture is one of these experts). Lots of very expensive (Gucci, D&G etc) handbags which are painstakingly made with attention to detail.   Here is a BBC short on why we love it so much as an idea.  It gives a whole town a sense of pride and joy in the fact that they are so renowned for their quality.  If you are going to charge thousands of dollars or pounds or euros for a bag then it has to stand out.  Ubrique as a town are currently looking at having a made in Ubrique label on each bag to identify it as a piece of the highest quality.  Hope they get their wish because it is not well known as a town and it should be IMO.


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