Hippofeet Gearing up for Christmas!

November 04, 2017

Hippofeet Gearing up for Christmas!

Hi Folks!

We are getting ready for the holiday season and this means lots of work promoting our shoes to millions of people in the hope we get some of them to buy.  It is a hard task and takes lots of patience.  Our second Xmas season and we are prepared!  Gift wrapping service is ready to roll and we have plenty of stock in for those wonderful customers coming our way.

We love and value our customers.  We are very lucky to be in business when others are folding and we are getting stronger each month that passes.  It is something about providing cute items to folks who really love the people they are buying for.  People buy more than one pair of shoes in general so we must be doing something right.

Happy holidays to everyone in advance. Thank you all for keeping us in business :):):):)

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