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For 10% off all orders two pairs or more use code TENOFF2

Pink Daisies - Cutie of the week

November 22, 2017 0 Comments

Baby wearing Hippofeet daisies baby shoes

Hello again!

Another week and the weather is awful where we are.  So for inspiration we are choosing the summery pink daisy shoes which are worn in this picture by Peyton from Australia who's mummy kindly sent in the picture of Peyton in glorious sunshine wearing hippofeet.

The daisies are such a beautiful baby shoe and daisies have been a favourite of little girls all over the world forever.  They are cute and breezy and remember us of happy days just as baby Peyton does in her super cute pic.

Below is  a list of 10 things about daisies from an article in the Telegraph


1 Daisies belong to one of the largest families of plants in the world

Daisies belong the family of 'vascular plants' - those which circulate nutrients and water throughout the plant. They make up almost 10% of all flowering plants on Earth.


2 Daisies are found everywhere on Earth except Antarctica

3 The name 'daisy' is thought to come from the Old English 'daes eag'

'Daes eag' is thought to mean 'day's eye', after the way in which it opens at dawn.


4. The daisy family, known to scientists as Compositae, was classified in 1792

This was classified by Paul Dietrich Giseke, a German botanist and close friend of the Swedish 'father of modern taxonomy' Carl Linnaeus.


5 Daisies represents purity and innocence.

6 A daisy is actually two flowers in one

The (usually) white petals count as one flower and the cluster of (usually) tiny yellow disc petals that form the 'eye' is technically another.

7 Daisy leaves are edible

Daisy leaves can make a tasty addition to salads (they're closely related to artichoke and are high in Vitamin C).


8 Daisies have lots of medicinal properties

Daisies are thought to slow bleeding, relieve indigestion and ease coughs. In homeopathy, the garden daisy is known as the gardener's friend for its ability to ease an aching back.


9 If not controlled, some daisies can become serious weeds

This is because they thrive in generally inhospitable conditions are are resistant to most bugs and pesticides.


10 Bees love daisy relatives

These include Goldenrod, making them an important friend of honey makers.


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