Cost of Raising a Baby during the early years

December 03, 2016 0 Comments

Cost of Raising a Baby during the early years

Soft leather baby shoes (of course), nappies, buggies, highchair, romper suits, food, heating, entertainment, cot bed and bedding. Things to raise a baby. 

Some of these things are expensive such as the cot bed and buggy but in general the things it takes to make a happy baby are not to expensive.  Baby shoes for £14 or a high chair from Ikea as low as £15. My question do the figures that state it takes about £12,000 per year to raise a child come from?  £1000 per  month.  From everyone I have ever met, none have ever spent even close to this. I think it is not ok to put out these figures because the majority of the population do not need to feel like they are second class citizens because they don't go to Disneyland twice a year.  I don't believe the statistics - do you? The biggest luxuries are usually at christmas and birthdays.  

Baby Shoe Size Chart

Measuring Baby Feet

It is important to choose the right shoe size when purchasing our soft leather baby shoes for your child’s feet to grow healthily and happily.

Please note: We are not able to provide free returns due to size of a pair which have been purchased as the size indicator is a guide.  Please use the measurement guide and chart below to determine the size you need for your baby before making a purchase.  


To measure your little one's feet this is what HippoFeet recommend:


Soft Leather Baby Shoes - Hippofeet Toddler and Baby Shoes Size Chart



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