Soft Leather Baby Shoes for Just £5? Yes it is true!

January 05, 2017 0 Comments

Soft Leather Baby Shoes for Just £5? Yes it is true!

Hippofeet have decided to give a great opportunity to our customers to grab a bargain....permanently! We have come up with the idea to launch an Outlet section on our website. Outlet versions of our shoes are ones which have minor stitching and detail flaws.  This is why we sell them for £5 instead of the usual price of £12.99. Outlet is a way to get much more and pay much less.  The differences are not glaring and are only minor cosmetic ones due to stitching in production.

The reason we do this is due to our high level of quality control in our range.  We do not send a pair of shoes to a customer that is not 100% perfect.  Other companies selling the style of shoes we sell send out whatever comes up and we have seen from the reviews they get that they send out what would be considered by us as suitable for sale but at a greatly reduced price.  

Link to the Outlet Section

Baby Shoe Size Chart

Measuring Baby Feet

It is important to choose the right shoe size when purchasing our soft leather baby shoes for your child’s feet to grow healthily and happily.

Please note: We are not able to provide free returns due to size of a pair which have been purchased as the size indicator is a guide.  Please use the measurement guide and chart below to determine the size you need for your baby before making a purchase.  


To measure your little one's feet this is what HippoFeet recommend:


Soft Leather Baby Shoes - Hippofeet Toddler and Baby Shoes Size Chart



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