About HippoFeet

We Sell Soft Leather Baby Shoes


Our footwear provides comfort to your child’s growing feet, and are perfect for both boys and girls, newborn and pre walkers.  Each of our shoes are beautifully designed and packed carefully to reach you with love. Our shoes have elasticated ankles which do not fall off and fit your child up to age 24 months.  We offer great deals in our regular sale.  Check us out each week to see the latest offer.  At Hippofeet, we want to create a beautiful experience for you and your little angel.  We provide a durable, cute and memorable pram shoe that is ideal for being be stored for reminiscence for years to come in our branded keepsake bag which we provide for an additional charge.  We believe in bringing value to you and your little one.  Our shoes are the best for infants, babies and toddlers and they have been chosen because each style we sell makes us smile. We have plain shoes, love hearts, trains, stars and more.  We absolutely love them, and we are sure you and little one will love them too.