Baby Shoe Size Chart

Measuring Baby Feet

It is important to choose the right shoe size when purchasing our soft leather baby shoes for your child’s feet to grow healthily and happily.

Please note: We are not able to provide free returns due to size of a pair which have been purchased as the size indicator is a guide.  Please use the measurement guide and chart below to determine the size you need for your baby before making a purchase.  


To measure your little one's feet this is what HippoFeet recommend:

  • You will need a piece of paper, a pencil and a ruler.
  • Place the feet of your little one on a piece of paper and draw around their feet with a pencil. It is best to repeat the process for both feet to get an accurate measurement. The bigger foot will decide the final measurement.
  • Measure the foot from the heel to the highest point of their toe. Make sure the heel is perfectly aligned on the paper and the toes are perfectly flat. This will indicate your foot length. When choosing the bigger foot for the final measurement, we recommend including an extra 1cm for growth space.  You will also need to take into consideration the measurements if your child is wearing socks and also for their foot to stand freely.
  • If you need support do message us via  We are happy to help if you need further support in choosing the right size. Below are some key points to think about when purchasing baby shoes
    • Safe Materials - must pass standard BS EN71-3
    • Soft and breathable leather baby shoes
    • Soft soled


Soft Leather Baby Shoes - Hippofeet Toddler and Baby Shoes Size Chart