Our Story

How Hippofeet Soft Leather Baby Shoes came to be

.In 2009, my husband and I were looking at creating a family so we brought a pair of baby shoes in hope that it would give us luck.  We purchased a lovely pair of tiny shoes which we were very impressed with.  The key points of the shoe which we liked so much and which set them apart from other baby shoes were:
  • Made of soft leather
  • Very soft, suede non slip soles
  • Good price
  • Beautiful Design
  • Nice stitching detail
  • Choice of colours
.We began discussing the idea of selling these shoes ourselves as we were so in love with their cuteness.  We looked into opening an online store selling baby shoes by the name “Small Shoes”. We needed more funding than we had so we waited.  Our twins were conceived and born in 2012 and all of a sudden we needed baby shoes!  Initially we looked at pretty pink baby girl shoes because we thought we were having girls but once it was clear we were having boys we changed our search for cars, trains and teddy bears. This was when the business idea began to resurface.  When looking through google in 2013 we came upon an article in the Chicago Tribune by By Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz which explained the need for soft soles in developing feet (this is the article from which our quote from the podiatrist Dr Jane Anderson arose.  In the meantime  my husband had been working in computer engineering for a few years and I was enjoying raising the twins.  However this article gave us pause for thought and we knew surely there was a need to provide this type of shoe.  By 2016 it was time for school, and we had a bit of time and to think over our dream of opening our baby shoe business. In 2016, we we decided to go for it and with all of our savings we launched HippoFeet. 
Our aim is to sell good quality soft leather shoes for baby girls and baby boys that make you smile. We hope you enjoy shopping with us, we will not be able to do this without the support of our customers, so thank you!